To use email notifications within Data Thread:

  • Option 12 on the DataThread menu, ‘MAIL-FRM’ requires a valid email address syntax – for example:
  • The Host names and Domain names must match in Options 10 and 12 of CFGTCP on the IBM i system.
  • SMTP must be configured correctly on the IBM i system and must be functional in terms of the ability of the users to send mail using SMTP on the system locally.
  • There must be a valid email address of the person sending the email ‘to’ in Option 16 ‘User and Security Maintenance’.
  • There must be a valid IP address of the system in Option 12 ‘System Parameters and Settings’ under the heading ‘HTTPHOST’.
  • The user called DATATHREAD must have a valid home path in the IFS – for example: /home/Datathread – both in Option 12 and on the IBM i system.
  • Ensure there is a Directory entry in WRKDIRE for the SMTP gateway on the system.
  • SMTP and QMSF are required to be running on the IBM i system.

Once all these steps have been completed, follow the steps in the configuration guide for files and workflow.

Note: For more details, see the Data Thread Administrator's Guide, which can be found at Powertech Product Manuals.

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Last Modified On: May 11, 2018