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HelpSystems is updating the names of our cybersecurity software, including the Powertech product line. Don’t worry—the functionality of your products won’t change.

See the new names here > New, Clearer Names for HelpSystems Security Software.


There are various options available that allow you to view data collected by Exit Point Manager in order to help you determine what access requirements are needed on your system, and for what audit purposes. Reports may be run by User, Server/Function, Location, Transaction, and Group. You can also run reports on established rules by User, Location, Object Lists/Rules, User Groups, and Socket rules.

Each report shows the same general information, ordered according to the selected sort method (e.g. user, server).

On the IBM i System

To run a report, from the Main Menu choose option 80 ‘Reports Menu’ and select the report you would like to run.

Reports may also be scheduled using any IBM i job scheduler with the command PTNSLIB07/LPWRRPT or PTNSLIB/LPWRRPT (depending on your product library). This command will prompt you for the report type.

See "Reports" in the Exit Point Manager Administrator’s Guide for more detailed information.

On Insite

To view the Reports page, under the Exit Point Manager menu, select Reports. To add a new report, click Add. Then, select the report you want to set up. Enter a Name for the report. Select the Transaction Type, User, or other report options and click Save.

You can now preview the report, schedule the report for printing, or print the report immediately.

See "Reports" in the Exit Point Manager Administrator’s Guide for more detailed information.

Note: Powertech Compliance Monitor can generate Exit Point Manager reports. Compliance Monitor reports use a flat file matrix style that is easily resorted and filtered. These reports can also be exported into Excel and PDF documents.

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Last Modified On: January 09, 2020