Important Updates to Cybersecurity Software

HelpSystems is updating the names of our cybersecurity software, including the Powertech product line. Don’t worry—the functionality of your products won’t change.

See the new names here > New, Clearer Names for HelpSystems Security Software.


Although IBM exit points are unable to discern which traffic originated from an ODBC driver, ODBC traffic typically consists of SQL statements, and as such, the terms ODBC and SQL are used synonymously in this forum. IBM channels the SQL statements through several exit points, and, depending on the statement, may be one or any of the following servers as referenced within Network Security: Native Database (*NDB), Retrieve Object Information (*RTVOBJINF), Remote SQL (*RQSRV), SQL Server (*SQLSRV) and Database Server Initialization (*SQL).

In typical environments, most ODBC traffic is handled by *SQLSRV, so auditing the traffic of this server is the recommended starting point.  

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Last Modified On: January 09, 2020