Powertech Exit Point Manager audit records that appear in the QSYSOPR message queue may appear in the HSTLOG.

The history log (QHST) consists of a message queue and a physical file known as a log version.

Messages sent to the history log message queue (QHST) are written by the system to the current log version physical file. The history log contains a high-level trace of system activities such as system, subsystem, and job information, device status, and system operator messages.

Using a different Message Queue in the Exit Point Manager systems values will keep the audit records from appear in the history log.

The messages, with the release of HelpSystems Insite and its high volume of connection of activity, has been much more frequent and thus noticeable. Rather than changing the message queue, you may also choose to add a rule in Exit Point Manager for each server in the Insite Connection profile that specifies that you do not want to audit the traffic. 

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Last Modified On: May 29, 2019