Use this procedure when unable to use the Deployment Manager Installation wizard to upload and install the software on your IBM i system. (See Installing Network Security 7 for System Requirements and additional installation details.)

On Your PC

  1. Download the Software for the IBM i from the Helpsystems website and run the Network Security 7 Executable.

    Note: During this step, the wizard extracts the save files needed for manual installation.

  2. Stop when you’re prompted to enter system information, but keep the install wizard open.

  3. Identify where the installation wizard has extracted the save files; typically at a file path like the below path. Different versions of Windows may alter the location:


    *where userprofile is your user name and xxxxxxx.tmp is a random temp directory

  4. Locate the file “PTNS7.PT” in the Powertech Product Maintenance Wizard folder.

    The .PT file is simply a .zip file and can be opened with WinZip, 7-Zip, WinRar, etc.

    This file contains 2 SAVFs, a .jar file and a .props file. The .props file is used by the wizard and can be ignored during a manual installation.

  5. Copy the “PTNS7.PT” file to your desktop.

  6. Rename the file from “PTNS7.PT” to “PTNS7.ZIP”.

  7. Extract the files and copy the NS7 SAVF to your desktop.

On Your IBM i System

  1. Log in to the System with QSECOFR, or another profile with similar authorities.

  2. Issue the following commands:

    CRTLIB PTINSTLIB (Note: If this library already exists, execute the command to clear the library: CLRLIB PTINSTLIB)


  3. FTP the SAVF (NS7.savf) to the library PTINSTLIB. (If FTP is not available, skip to step 4.)

    1. Open the PC Command Prompt Window. 

    2. Change to the directory of the SAVFs from step 6 above.

    3. FTP the IBM i system.

    4. Logon


    6. BIN

    7. Put NS7.savf

    8. Quit

    9. Exit from the Command Prompt Window

  4. If you were able to FTP the save files continue with step 5. However, if FTP is restricted with your network, you can use iNavigator (iNav) to get the save files on your IBM i system.

    1. Create a directory on the IBM i system to move the save files to: 



    2. Using iNav, drag/copy the savefiles NS7 from your PC to the '/POWERTECH/NS7' directory.

    3. Use the CPY command to copy NS7 from the '/POWERTECH/NS7' directory to the appropriate savefile. Note: The command is one line.


  5. Run the following commands in order:

    rstobj sispgm1 qtemp *savf savf(PTINSTLIB/NS7)

    rstobj *all sispgm1 *savf savf(qtemp/sispgm1) rstlib(qtemp)

    call qtemp/sislaunch (‘NS7’ ‘PTINSTLIB’ ‘0’)

  6. When Network Security installation is complete, proceed with licensing and activation.

After you install, see "Activating Powertech Network Security" in the Network Security Administrator's Guide for instructions on how to activate Network Security. The Network Security Administrator's Guide can be found at Powertech Product Manuals.

The Network Security Administrator's Guide is also installed as part of the product installation in the following directory: C:\Program Files\Powertech\Network Security

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Last Modified On: May 15, 2018