Network Security 7 no longer uses the PTNSADM Authorization List. Product authority is controlled by Role Based Security issued from Powertech Central Administration.

As was the case in earlier versions, when entering a license key after a new installation you must have the *ALLOBJ special authority or be a member of an Authorization List in order to access Network Security. Network Security 7 uses the PTADMIN Authorization List, which allows you to access both the Powertech menu and the product itself. (Previous versions of Network Security required membership to PTNSADM (Network Security 6.x) and POWERLOCKA (Network Security 5.x).) 

Note that the license key for Network Security 7 is now accessible using option 81 in the Powertech Main Menu (rather than from within the product itself).

Other Powertech products that do not bear a Central Administration Signature retain their previous access requirements and Security.

For more information on implementing Role Based Security in Network Security 7, see Configuring Network Security Product Security Roles.


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Last Modified On: May 07, 2018