Important Updates to Cybersecurity Software

HelpSystems is updating the names of our cybersecurity software, including the Powertech product line. Don’t worry—the functionality of your products won’t change.

See the new names here > New, Clearer Names for HelpSystems Security Software.


You can use the CHECK command to run a compliance check or the FIXIT command to run the FixIt function. Both of these commands reside in SKYVIEWPMP library and can be scheduled to run in your favorite job scheduler.

Commands to Schedule and Run on a Regular Basis

CHECK – Check compliance. You can schedule this command (in the IBM job scheduler or in a third-party job scheduler) and check compliance for one or all of your policies on a regular basis.

The default is to check all policies. Running the following command will add an entry to the IBM job scheduler so that the CHECK command will run every Monday at 2:30 in the morning.

Example of a CHECK command to schedule:


FIXIT – Run the FixIt feature of Policy Minder.

Once you have run the CHECK command, you can run FIXIT to “fix” any non-compliant items.

In other words, if the compliance check found any items that did not match your policy, FIXIT can be run to change the non-compliant items to match the policy settings.

FIXIT can only fix items identified as non-compliant so if you are scheduling this command you will want to schedule it as a dependent item – that is, you will want to schedule it so that it runs after the CHECK command completes.

Example of a FIXIT command to schedule:


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Last Modified On: November 12, 2019