The following instructions describe how to backup Policy Minder version 2.2 and above:

  1. On your system, Export the Policies to a file using Option 63 (Export Policies to a File).
  2. Enter in the name of the file in a directory:

    Example: /home/shaase/haasepol

  3. A screen appears listing the Options you have available to you, such as what Policies you want to export (individually or all).

    You also have the option to submit to batch or not.

  4. On the new system, install the same version of the product that you did the Export with.
  5. On the new system, import the policies from the old system (using either the SKYVIEWPMP/IMPPOL command, or option 64 from the Policy Minder Main Menu.)
  6. From Option 64 (Import Policies from a File), enter in the directory path that you Exported the policy to:

    Example: /home/shaase/haasepol

  7. You are asked what policies you want to Import:


  • If you want to save any Policy Minder for IBM i PDF or CSV reports, you need to save those from the /SkyView/Policy Minder directory on the old system and restore them to the same directory on the new system.
  • If the new system has a different serial number, model number, or the system name has changed, you will need a new license key. Contact [email protected] for an updated key.

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Last Modified On: November 12, 2019