In a High Availability (HA) environment, configure replication as follows:

  1. For first-time installations or product upgrades, install/upgrade on the HA target system first to ensure that the Licensed Program is installed correctly and the QSCANFS and QSCANFSCTL system values are set properly.
  2. Replicate everything in the product library STANDGUARD.
  3. Replicate the IFS directory /StandGuard and all of its subdirectories.
  4. Exclude the /Quarantined directory and all of its subdirectories if replicating the IFS.
  5. To ensure that license keys are in place for both systems, either exclude all *USRSPC objects in the STANDGUARD library on the HA source system, or enter license keys for HA source and HA target on the HA source system, using the Licence List (F7) feature. For the latter method, follow these instructions:
    1. Sign on to the HA source system.
    2. Run the command AVMENU.
    3. Option 52, "License Menu".
    4. Option 1, "Work with Antivirus license keys".
    5. If it has not been entered, enter the antivirus license key for the HA source system and press ENTER.
    6. Press F7 "License List".
    7. Enter the antivirus license key for the HA target system and press ENTER.
    8. Repeat steps c–g, selecting Option 2 "Work with Support license keys" from the Powertech Antivirus for IBM i License Menu, and entering the support license keys. 

If you are using Mimix to perform HA replication, you may need to update the QSCANFSCTL system value to contain the values *FSVRONLY and *NOWRTUPG. Please verify with your Mimix support team that these changes are required for your HA setup when running alongside Powertech Antivirus. (MIMIX Support Article 3750 "MIMIX replicates entire IFS after StandGuard antivirus scan" may provide additional relevant details. This article is no longer published, but may be available to MIMIX support staff. Powertech Antivirus for IBM i was previously called StandGuard Antivirus.)