1. Download the Risk Assessor installer (SRASetup.exe) from the Risk Assessor Download Page.

  2. Log in to the IBM i system with QSECOFR, or another profile with similar authorities.

  3. Issue the following command to create the save file:


  4. Transfer the save file to the IBM i. If using FTP, be sure to use binary mode. FTP the SAVF to the library in which you created RA_SAVF.savf in step 3. (If FTP is not available, skip to step 5.)
    1. Open the PC Command Prompt Window. 
    2. Change to the directory of the SAVF.
    3. FTP the IBM i system.
    4. Logon
    5. CD [your save file library]
    6. BIN
    7. Put RA_SAVF.savf
    8. Quit
    9. Exit from the Command Prompt Window
  5. If you were able to FTP the save file proceed to step 6. However, if FTP is restricted with your network, you can use iNavigator (iNav) to get the save files on your IBM i system.
    1. Create a directory on the IBM i system to move the save files to: 



    2. Using iNav, drag/copy the savefile RA_SAVF from your PC to the '/POWERTECH/RISKA/' directory.
    3. Use the CPY command to copy RA_SAVF from the '/POWERTECH/RISKA' directory to the appropriate savefile. Note: The following command is one line.


  6. Look for and delete or rename any library named SETUPTMP on the IBM i.

  7. Run the restore command:



Note: You may see the message “3 security or data format changes occurred,” which you can ignore.

  1. Run the install with command:


When installation completes, the product license authorization code entry screen appears. If you have a license, enter it now. If you wish to add it later, you can access the product menu by using command GO SKYRA, and then menu options 70 (Product Information Menu), then 2 (Work with Authority Code). Contact [email protected] if you need to request a new license key.                             

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Last Modified On: January 08, 2020