Most Risk Assessor users schedule the assessment to run during the night so that the reports are available when they arrive in the morning.

You can do this by scheduling the SKYVIEWRAP/SKYASSESS command.

NOTE: While the Assessment is running, information is being gathered and analyzed. During one phase of information gathering users may not be able to sign on to the system, users already signed on are not affected. This will only be true if many users are members of the same group and that group owns many objects. Once all of the information is gathered for the report listing all of the objects owned by groups, users can sign on. This restriction is due to the implementation of the IBM i API that is in use at that time. If this could present a problem for you, we recommend that you schedule the Assessment to run (using the SKYVIEWRAP/SKYASSESS command) when users are not attempting to sign on the system. If this will not be an issue for you, you can run the Assessment any time.

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Last Modified On: October 12, 2018