There are two ways to access this report:

  1. Open an iSeries Navigator (Ops Nav) session.
  2. Expand the System name > File systems > Integrated File System > Root. Click SkyView/Risk Assessor.
  3. Drag and drop the .rtf file to your desktop and open with a word processing program.


  1. Sign on with a user that has *ALLOBJ. The /SkyView/Risk Assessor directory is secured from *PUBLIC access.
  2. Create a file share.
  3. Access the directory, either through a mapped drive or a UNC name, for example, \\SkyView\Risk Assessor\Assess.RTF.

NOTE: If there are no reports displayed, either a security assessment has not completed yet, or someone has deleted/cleared the reports from the SKYVIEWOUT outq.

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Last Modified On: October 12, 2018