iSeries Report Splitter splits the spool file correctly, but this error is in the job log after splitting:
CPF4906    Notify                  10    10/06/99   22:30:12   QWPPERRS
QSYS        0055     RPTSPL006    RPTSPLIT30   0075
                                Message . . . . :   Record in file
RPTPRINT truncated at end of line.
                                Recovery  . . . :   Either you can print
the file with the line truncated or you can use another device file, and
then try the job again.


This error does not cause any problems, and no fix is required.
iSeries Report Splitter uses a generic print file when reprinting reports. The message means the actual print file length was shorter than the program expected. The reprint program handles up to 400-character-width reports, and most print files are only 132 or 198 characters in width.

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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016