Customer is getting the following error in the job log when running the DBSQLIFS command to run a query and summarize data and place into an output file. 
Length or start position is out of range for the string operation.Error RNX0100 at statement 00001250 in program CPYTODEL1.CPYERR: Errors occurred while copying file to output file /AS400FILE.TXT.
This error occurs because the iSeries DB2 SQL processor creates a summary field with 31 digits and 2 decimals. 


A 31,2 sized field is not handled correctly by the DataExport/400 software. A 31,2 field is normally not required for normal numeric calculations because the number is much larger than is usually practical. Shrinking the field size to a smaller, more realistic value will resolve the problem. 
Listed below is an example for shortening the field sizes when running a query. 
Example of summarizing the BALDUE field from the QCUSTCDT file in library QIWS and creating a summary field with a size of 15,2 :
DBSQLIFS SQL('select decimal(sum(baldue),15,2) from qiws/qcustcdt') IFSFILE('/AS400FILE.TXT')

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Last Modified On: July 02, 2020