Email Report Server/400 cannot resolve the SMTP Server TCP/IP address or host name for the outbound SMTP mail server.


  • Use the iSeries PING command to make sure the TCP/IP address or host name can be PINGed. 
  • If the TCP/IP address continues to fail, create a Host Table entry for the system and use that instead of the TCP/IP address:
    1. On a command line, type GO CFGTCP.
    2. Choose 10. Work with TCP/IP host table entries and make the changes you need.
  • If using the Host Name still doesn't work, use the iSeries TELNET command with Port 25 to see if you can connect to the outbound SMTP server.
  • If TELNET doesn't work, you most likely have an SMTP mail server connectivity problem.

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Last Modified On: July 03, 2020