Before You Install

  1. Confirm that the OS/400 is version V5R1 or above.
  2. Run WRKLIB RJSCONVERT to confirm that you do not already have a copy of the RJSCONVERT library on your iSeries. If it returns no results, continue to step 3. If it does return results, RJSCONVERT has been installed on your iSeries in the past; ask your iSeries administrator whether to upgrade or clear the library and reinstall.
  3. Make sure that:
    1. FTP is running on the iSeries LPAR where you are installing RJSCONVERT.
    2. Your account has the required system credentials.
      Note: If your account does not have the required system credentials, use QSECOFR or another account with *ALLOBJ special authority.
  4. On the FTP server, make sure that NAMEFMT is set to 1, not 0.
    Note: NAMEFMT is set to 1 on most FTP servers.
  5. If you are using FTP exit programs, create an exception or temporarily disable them during this installation.
  6. Make sure that your RJSCONVERT license matches the iSeries serial, model, and LPAR numbers. If you do not have a license or do not know if your license matches, view our licensing help or email [email protected].
  7. On a Windows system on the same network as the iSeries, download the zipped RJSCONVERT save file.
  8. Go to the location of the downloaded installer file, right-click on the file and click Run as Administrator.


  1. Specify the IP address of the LPAR you wish to install to, along with the User and Password of the security officer account you wish to use for performing the install.
  2. Click on Step 1-Connect to IBM i, and click on each button in sequence, waiting for each operation to complete before proceeding to the next. Informational messages will display at the bottom, as will errors messages, if any errors occur.

A note regarding licenses with the iSeries Report Converters product

The iSeries Report Converters library (RJSCONVERT) may be licensed for all converters or on a converter-by-converter basis. Therefore, the example licensing email below will detail each converter/data area pair. Later in this document the data area RJSCONVERT/RJSCONVERT is referenced, but its' purpose is that of a placehold; RJSCONVERT is not a valid license data area. Instead, please use the example licensing email below to use the corresponding data area when attempting to find and obtain a specific license code from your library.

Applying a License

  1. On an iSeries command line, type CALL QCMD and press ENTER for a longer command line.
  2. Copy the RJSCONVERT/PRDSEC commands from the licensing email from HelpSystems. See the sample licensing email below:
    AS/400-iSeries-IBM i Access Codes

    S/N:1000000 M#:M4A LPAR:1 Exp:00/00/0000

    *INSTRUCTIONS* - Copy and paste the access code to a 5250 command line and press Enter to apply the code.
    CALL QCMD from the command line to show a multi-line command line.

    Product Name: Native AFP to PDF Report Converter
    RJSCONVERT/PRDSEC DTAARA(CNVAFPPDF) DTALIB(RJSCONVERT) SECURITY('490000100005000010013000A1E13000300000002100000100')

    Product Name: Native AFP to TIFF Report Converter
    RJSCONVERT/PRDSEC DTAARA(CNVAFPTIF) DTALIB(RJSCONVERT) SECURITY('490A0000000500001101300E30002000301000000001000101')

    Product Name: Native Host Print Transform Converter
    RJSCONVERT/PRDSEC DTAARA(CNVHPT) DTALIB(RJSCONVERT) SECURITY('4E30100000000000100032010961000000A000031001000010')

    Product Name: Native RAW Binary Report Converter
    RJSCONVERT/PRDSEC DTAARA(CNVRAW) DTALIB(RJSCONVERT) SECURITY('4E10000000010000100030030961000000A200031001000010')

    Product Name: Native Text to ANSI/ASCII Report Converter
    RJSCONVERT/PRDSEC DTAARA(CNVANSI) DTALIB(RJSCONVERT) SECURITY('4E01000009010001100030000160000300A000001002300010')

    Product Name: Native Text to CSV Report Converter
    RJSCONVERT/PRDSEC DTAARA(CNVCSV) DTALIB(RJSCONVERT) SECURITY('40060001000000001000300010003090310000002101E000A1')

    Product Name: Native Text to HTML Report Converter
    RJSCONVERT/PRDSEC DTAARA(CNVHTM) DTALIB(RJSCONVERT) SECURITY('4E31000000000002100030010960000000A000011003000011')

    Product Name: Native Text to PDF Report Converter
    RJSCONVERT/PRDSEC DTAARA(CNVPDF) DTALIB(RJSCONVERT) SECURITY('4E00000009010100100030000161000000A000001030030012')

    Product Name: Native Text to PRN/TXT Report Converter
    RJSCONVERT/PRDSEC DTAARA(CNVPRN) DTALIB(RJSCONVERT) SECURITY('490211000100000010003000E070000000A000011030001003')

    Product Name: Native Text to RTF Report Converter
    RJSCONVERT/PRDSEC DTAARA(CNVRTF) DTALIB(RJSCONVERT) SECURITY('49123000010E0000110130000070000000A003001000001000')

    For assistance contact HelpSystems Technical Support
    Email: [email protected]
    Tel: (952)933-0609  
  3. Paste the RJSCONVERT/PRDSEC command in the iSeries command line.
  4. Press Enter.

    iSeries Report Converters is now installed and licensed on the iSeries.

Verifying an Existing License

  1. On the IBM i command line, type LIBRARYNAME/PRDINFO (where LIBRARYNAME is the name of the library that corresponds to the product you are licensing—see the table below) and press Enter to view your OS/400 level, model, serial and LPAR numbers. They will display at the bottom of your screen, in the format:

    OS/400 Level: ___ Model: ___ Serial#: _______ LPAR: ____.

    (copy these values into an email.

  2. On the IBM i command line, type DSPDTAARA LIBRARYNAME/LIBRARYNAME (where LIBRARYNAME is the name of the library that corresponds to the product you are licensing—see the table below) and press Enter to display your current license. (copy this value to the email along with the information from step 1)

    Batch Report Server RJSBCH
    DataExport RJSEXPORT
    Domino Report Server RJSDOM
    Email Report Server RJSERS
    Enterprise Fax RJSERS
    iEncrypt RJS7ZIP
    iForms RJSIFORMS
    iSeries Office Integrator RJSOFFICE
    iSeries PDF & TIFF Utilities RJSPDFTIFF
    iSeries Report Converters RJSCONVERT
    PCL to PDF Converter RJSPCLPDF
    POP/400 Email Retrieval API RJSPOP3
    Report Splitter RJSSPLIT
    RPG2SQL Integrator RJSRPGSQL
    SMTP/400 Email Send API RJSSMTP
    Webdocs for IBM i RJSIMAGE
    Winspool WINSPOOL
    Winspool Batch Report Server WINSPOOL
    Winspool Email Report Server WINSPOOL


  3. Send the email to the Helpsystems license team at [email protected] with the above information. Be sure to include your name and the name of your company.

Requesting a Demo/Disaster Recovery/Temporary License

You can request temporary licenses for demo and disaster recovery purposes, or by arrangement.

Your active maintenance provides 60-days for temporary access codes per year for testing and disaster recovery purposes.

Please send your IBM i Serial/Model/LPAR information to [email protected] and the number of days required (30, 60 or other increment).

To verify the Serial/Model/LPAR information you may run the PRDINFO command on any of the installed Document Management libraries, Example WINSPOOL/PRDINFO.

If you need any technical assistance, please contact Helpsystems Document Management Support at [email protected] or 952-933-0609.

Find the the serial, model and LPAR numbers for the system you want to license.

  1. If you have already installed PRODUCT NAME, use the Verifying an Existing License, Step 1 instructions above.


  2. Issue the command DSPSYSVAL and press F4 to prompt. You will see the following:

    • The System Value parameter QMODEL = the model number.

    • The System Value Parameter QSRLNBR = the serial number.

    • The System Value Parameter QPRCFEAT = the processor code.

Transferring Licenses

Document Management IBM i products are based on your system Serial/Model/LPAR information. If any of the three criteria change, new licensing would be required.

Hardware Change Request Form:

Note: The products listed in the Product / Library table above are include on the HelpSystems Hardware change form drop down list.

To verify your new system Serial/Model/LPAR information you can run the PRDINFO command with any of the installed libraries, Example RJSIMAGE/PRDINFO.

If you need any technical assistance, please contact Helpsystems Document Management Support at [email protected] or 952-933-0609.

Getting Started


Still have questions? We can help. Submit a case to Technical Support.

Last Modified On: September 08, 2020