As of version 1.09 of the RJSOFFICE library and version 1.0.20 or 1.1.25 of the iSeries Office Integrator PC component, the generation of new email messages is supported via the OFCRUNPC command.  

Configuring your MAPI email client to use the NEWMAIL option
  1. Start Internet Explorer web browser.
  2. Select menu Tools/Internet Options/Programs/Email and then select your email program from the pulldown box. Click OK to save settings.
Note: This program will now become the default MAPI email client to get opened when the NEWMAIL command is called. 
The parameters for NEWMAIL are as follows
P1 - Opcode (NEWMAIL)
P2 - Delimited To email addresses. Delimited by commas  Ex: (,
P3 - Delimited CC email addresses. Delimited by commas  Ex: (,
P4 - Delimited BCC email addresses. Delimited by commas  Ex: (,
P5 - Subject line
P6 - Message text
P7 - Delimited attachment file list. Delimited by commas  Ex: (c:\report.pdf)
P8 - 0=Send message without displaying a dialog.  1=Display mail dialog before sending mail.  (V1.0.27)
P9 - 0=Do not display error messages. 1=Display error message dialog on mail error.  (V1.0.27)

This example sends an email message to 2 users, CC's the message to 2 users and BCC's the message to 2 users. There are no attachment files. The interactive email dialog will pop up so the user can edit the email message before sending. 
OFCRUNPC   RMTSYS(*CURRENT) CMD(',,, Email from Office Integrator~This is a new message~ ~1~1') OPTION(*OTHER)   

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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016