To create a linked or embedded object in Microsoft Word:
  1. Click the document where you want to place the linked or embedded object.
  2. Click Insert > Object.
  3. Click the Create from File tab.
  4. In File name, type the name of the file to create a linked or embedded object from, or click Browse to choose from a list.
  5. To create:
    • A linked object, check Link to file.
    • An embedded object, uncheck Link to file.
  6. To display the linked object or embedded object as an icon ? for example, if others are going to view the document online ? check Display as icon


  • You cannot use Insert > Object to insert graphics and certain types of files. To insert graphics in Word, use Insert >  Picture instead.
  • When you create an embedded object from an existing Microsoft Excel workbook, Microsoft Word inserts the entire workbook into your document. The document displays only one worksheet at a time. To display a different worksheet, double-click the Microsoft Excel object, and then click a different worksheet. 

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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016