To creating a Word template for iSeries Office Integrator:

  1. To send a sample iSeries database file in CSV format to your PC, use the following iSeries command:


  2. Open Microsoft Word 97 or 2000.

    Note: Office XP has a new mail merge wizard that is not covered here. If you have Office XP, contact RJS Technical Support for assistance.

  3. Go to Tools > Mail Merge > Main Document > Create > Form Letters > Active Window.

  4. Go to Data Source > Get Data > Open Data Source and choose the sample file you downloaded in step 1. For example: c:\customer.txt

  5. When the confirm data source dialog box displays, choose Text Files (*.txt).

  6. If an error message displays that Word has found no merge fields in the main document, click Edit Main Document.

  7. In the tool bar, choose Insert Merge Field to insert any of the selected merge fields into your document.

  8. Insert fields where required in your formatted template.

  9. When you have finished formatting your template, save the new template file as a DOT file.


You can now use this Microsoft Word mail-merge template with iSeries Office Integrator.


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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016