To create a new Microsoft Word template for iSeries Office Integrator in Windows XP:

  1. On the iSeries, run the following command to download a sample iSeries database file in CSV format to the PC:


  2. On the PC, open Word.
  3. Go to Tools > Letters and Mailings > Mail Merge Wizard.
  4. In Select document type, choose Letters and click Next.
  5. In Select starting document, choose Use the current document and click Next.
  6. In Select recipients, chose Use an existing list and click Next.

    Select Data Source displays.

  7. In Select Data Source, in File name, type c:\customer.txt and click Open.

    Mail Merge Recipients displays.

  8. Click OK.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Write your template letter. To insert merge fields, in Mail Merge, click More items.

  11. To preview the merged letter data, click Next.
  12. To complete the template set-up, click Next.

    Note: You can also choose to print or edit the merged document.

  13. Save the  template file with a DOT extension.

    You can now use this mail-merge template with iSeries Office Integrator. 

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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016