1. After you reloaded your PC with Windows XP, when you use iSeries Office Integrator and DOCIMGPRT, you now get the message:

    Errors Occurred During File Transfer

    When you run RUNQRY () QTEMP/FTPLOG, you get the message:

    500 permission denied


  2. When you use iSeries Office Integrator and DOCIMGPRT, you get the following in the job log:

    Errors occurred while printing document
    Errors occurred while printing imaging document
    PC command error: 500 500 Image document printing error :  13 type mismatch


  1. The printer in DOCIMGPRT is in all capital letters, but the printer on the PC only has the first letter capitalized. For example: LEXMARK instead of Lexmark. The printer name is case-sensitive.
  2. iSeries Office Integrator and RJS Image Viewer are at the latest version, but the RJSIMAGE library is at least 2 years old. The old version of RJSIMAGE cannot communicate with the new version of the PC software. Downgrade the PC software or upgrade RJSIMAGE.

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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016