When you use the BARCODE field, one of the following WD2000 error messages displays in place of the POSTNET (POSTal Numeric Encoding Technique) bar code:
  • Zip code not valid!
  • No zip Code!CAUSEThe BARCODE field may generate this error for any of the following reasons:The BARCODE field in the mailing labels or envelopes mail merge main document refers to the wrong field or fields.
  • The ZIP Code portion of the mailing address contains invalid characters, such as nonbreaking hyphens, symbols, extra spaces, or other special characters.
  • The layout of the BARCODE field is incorrect.


There are three possible solutions to this problem:
  1. The fields for the address or zip code are incorrect:
    1. In the Word document, select the error message.
    2. Press SHIFT+F9 to display the field codes.

      BARCODE field codes display, where address1 is the field with the address and zipcode is the field with the zip code:

      {BARCODE "{MERGEFIELD address1}¶
      {MERGEFIELD zipcode}" \u}¶

      Note: The BARCODE field must be two lines to display a postal barcode.

    3. Make sure that the address and zip code are in the fields listed. If not, choose the correct field name.
    4. Press SHIFT+F9 to turn the field codes off again.
  2. The data document has invalid characters in the zip-code field. The only valid characters are numbers and a hyphen (-) for Zip+4 format. If there are any other invalid characters, delete them.
  3. The quotation marks in the BARCODE field syntax are incorrect. There are two possible formats:
    1. {BARCODE "{MERGEFIELD address1}¶{MERGEFIELD zipcode}" \u}¶ 
    2. Where LiteralText is a proper US Postal Code (for example: 98052-6399):

      {BARCODE \u "LiteralText"}

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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016