Copying a Spool File to a Physical File

The CPYSPLRAW command can write to files in the IFS, including writing directly to a physical file. There might be special reasons for doing this, related to other applications.
Note: The CPYSPLRAW command requires the Report Converter library (RJSCONVERT) to be installed and licensed.
Note: The physical file needs to exist already.
  1. Create a physical file:


  2. Copy the contents of a spool file to the file:

    CPYSPLRAW FILE(PROBLEM1) JOB(018869/VERN/QPADEV000F) SPLNBR(3) IFSFILE('/qsys.lib/somelib.lib/somefile.file/somefile.mbr')


Copying a Spool File to a User Space

Note: The user space will be created if it does not exist already.

  1. CPYSPLRAW FILE(PROBLEM1) JOB(018869/VERN/QPADEV000F) SPLNBR(3) IFSFILE('/qsys.lib/somelib.lib/someusrspc.usrspc')
You can use this technique with any of the conversion commands that copy to the IFS.

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Last Modified On: February 15, 2021