To automatically add a signature image associated with the sender's user ID to a form:

  1. In the folder C:\signatures, create a BMP file for each user, whose file name is the user's iSeries user name.

    For example: If the user is JOE, the signature image should be JOE.BMP.

  2. Use the following code to automate adding signatures to a form:

' *** Select signature for user ***
' Use file name C:\SIGNATURES\"USERID".BMP; turn off signature if it doesn't exist.
      'If trim(Thisform.fields("userid").value) > " " Then
      If FileExists ("C:\signatures\" + trim(ThisForm.Fields("userid").value) + ".BMP") Then
                  ' Set the visiblity of the userid fill field to false.
                  ThisForm.Fields("userid").visible = false
                  ' Activate the Image Fill Field.
                  ThisForm.Fields("signature").printable = true
                  ' Set the path to the image file.
    ThisForm.Fields("signature").value = "C:\signatures\" + trim(ThisForm.Fields("userid").value) + ".BMP"
                  ' Set the visibility of the userid field to false.
                  ThisForm.Fields("userid").visible = false
                  ' If the userid doesn't meet the criterea,
                  ' don't print the image on the form.
                  ThisForm.Fields("signature").Printable = false
      End If


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Last Modified On: September 11, 2020