You need to convert OfficeVision/400 (OV/400) documents (text documents with no data merges) to Microsoft Word.


To convert OV/400 documents to Word:

Note: These instructions are for Word 2000 but work for other versions of Word.

  1. Install the Microsoft Office Converter Pack from the Office Resource Kit CD. The Converter Pack adds some new supported file types to Word including RFT-DCA, which is a subset of the RFTAS400 format that OV/400 uses to store documents on the iSeries.

  2. Use Client Access or FTP to access the OV/400 documents in the iSeries folders.

  3. In Word, click File > Open and, in file type, choose RFT-DCA.

  4. Open the OV/400 document to convert it.

    Note: Some OV/400 document contents, such as data-merge instructions, won't be converted.

  5. Save the document as a native Word document.

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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016