Use the HIGHLIGHT record- or field-level keyword to print a field in bold.
The HIGHLIGHT keyword:
  • Has no parameters.
  • Is valid for both IPDS and SCS printers.
  • For files created with DEVTYPE(*AFPDS), applies only to registered font IDs. If you use HIGHLIGHT with a coded font or character set and code page, a message displays. 
  • If specified at the record level, applies to all fields in that record. If specified at both the record- and field-level and either indicator condition is met, HIGHLIGHT is used. 
  • May not apply during printing because of the font being used. Do not use HIGHLIGHT if you specify either a numeric font that does not support the highlighting or a graphics font. 
  • Is valid on either named or constant fields. 
  • Is valid for data types A, S, and F. You can specify HIGHLIGHT only once for each record and once for each field. 
  • Is valid for option indicators. 

Example of HIGHLIGHT Keyword

 A          R RECORD1 
 A  01                                  HIGHLIGHT 
 A                                  4 01'HIGHLIGHT IF 01' 
 A            FLD1           3A    11 01TEXT('HIGHTLIGHT IF 02N90  + 
 A                                      OR 01') 
 A  02N90                               HIGHLIGHT 

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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016