Creating the AS/400 Save File

The following steps will allow you to send a spool file to RJS Software Systems Inc. in an outq. This will allow us to attempt to troubleshoot character conversion problems and other issues that may be occurring with a particular report.  
1. Create a save file to save the report into using the following AS/400 command: 
2. Place the spool file(s) in the outq you wish to send to RJS Software Systems.  For this example we will use the outq RJSOUTQ.
3. Save the outq to the save file using the following command: 
4. After running the SAVOBJ command, check the contents of SPOOLSV by running DSPSAVF FILE(QGPL/SPOOLSV).  The saved outq should appear on the next screen.

Downloading the AS/400 Save File to the PC

Get QGPL/SPOOLSV to the PC by using DOS based FTP commands listed below. The lines with the brackets <> around them are comments only. 
recv qgpl/spoolsv  c:\spool.svf    
Send c:\spool.svf to RJS via email to

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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016