When you open a DDA/400 connection to the iSeries, you get Error -8.


This error can occur in two situations:
  • The DDA/400 configuration uses an invalid host name.
  • The iSeries DDM server is not running.
To check the DDM Server status:
  1. Run:


    If the "drda" entry shows in the list of entries, the DDM server is most likely running.

                     Work with TCP/IP Connection Status                       
                                                           System:   S103N0YM
    Local internet address  . . . . . . . . . . . :   *ALL                         
    Type options, press Enter.                                                    
      4=End   5=Display details                                                    
         Remote           Remote     Local                                        
    Opt  Address          Port       Port       Idle Time  State                  
         *                *          drda       571:39:18  Listen                  

    F5=Refresh   F11=Display byte counts   F13=Sort by column                     

  2. If the iSeries DDM Server is not running, start it:



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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016