When you send email from an Office 97 application, recipients cannot able to read the attachment of the mail message. The attachment icon displays in the received message, but it is a zero-byte file, and no errors display when the recipient tries to open it. This problem occurs in the following conditions:
  1. Only recipients with the same post office as the sender have the problem. All other recipients can open the attachments.
  2. User access mode to the Post Office is 'client / server'.
  3. The sender sends to multiple recipients. An exact number varies from situation to situation, but as the number of recipients increases, the likelihood of the problem occurring increases. In some tests, sending to 4 to 5 recipients in 2 different post offices caused the problem (total of 18 to 20 recipients).
  4. The sender can open the attachment in sent items, which means the attachment BLOB is intact. 


Upgrade to GroupWise 5.5.
Use the following workarounds for GroupWise 5.2:
  1. Send Office 97 documents straight from GroupWise as a normal attachment.
  2. Change user access to the post office to direct mode from client / server mode.
  3. When you send emails to recipients in your post office from Office 97 applications, send to fewer recipients at a time.

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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016