This article shows you how to set up IIS CGI-BIN authority for WinSpool/400 Web Report Server if you are storing reports and settings on different servers.

IIS Settings

On the IIS server:
  1. Go to Internet Service Manager.
  2. Create a new virtual directory named CGI-BIN that is in the INETPUB/SCRIPTS directory.
  3. From Internet Service Manager, open the Properties for CGI-BIN and go to Directory Security.
  4. Select Anonymous.
  5. Next to Anonymous, click Edit User and enter a valid user ID and password for both the IIS server PC and the server that will store the reports.

WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server Settings

On the server for WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server:
  1. Create a share for the directory WSPBCH32.
  2. Create a share for the directory where the reports are stored.
  3. Change the WinSpool/400 Web Report Server INI settings to use the settings-file location on the IIS server.

    For example: The following INI settings assume the IIS settings are stored on a server named gregpro2:


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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016