When a customer sends us a report that needs to be analyzed, the following steps can be used to upload the report to the AS/400 and then spool the report to an output queue.

''Note: This process assumes that the report was received by RJS with the *FCFC print control characters.''
  1. Receive the report file from the customer as a file attachment.
  2. Sign on to the AS/400 and create a temporary work file in library QGPL for the report. Use the following AS/400 command:
  3. Start an FTP session with the AS/400 using the following command at the DOS prompt: ftp You will be asked for your AS/400 user ID and password.
  4. From the FTP prompt, type the following command to upload the file. You will substitute the actual PC file name for the example c:\report.txt entry in the following FTP send sample:
    send  c:\report.txt  qgpl/spool
  5. Type quit and press Enter from the FTP prompt to exit FTP.
  6. Sign on to the AS/400 and run the following AS/400 commands to reprint the report:

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Last Modified On: September 11, 2020