User recently changed their iSeries host name which caused the Enterprise Workflow license to break. Since the change, the Enterprise Workflow license is no longer working and when the rjshostinfo.jsp page is run to retreive license information, nothing shows up for Host name or IP address. 
Sample URL
User is running the following URL to get system information for setting the Enterprise Workflow license code.
Example: rjshostinfo.jsp response. Not showing host name or IP address. 
RJS - Display License Host Info
Server Host Name is: 
Server IP Address is: 


Make sure an accessible host name or DNS name exists for the new system name that was set. 
  1. To review the current system name, GO CFGTCP and select option 12,  Change TCP/IP domain information. Determine the Host Name and Domain Name values.
    Example host name: Host name: RJS4004  and Domain name: COM    =   RJS4004.COM
  2. From the iSeries command line, see if you can ping the host name.
    Ex:  PING RMTSYS(RJS4004.COM)  
  3. If PING fails, create a DNS server entry or create a host entry that points to the host name determined in the previous step. GO CFGTCP and select option 10,   Work with TCP/IP host table entries.
    Ex: Add an entry or update an existing entry with the host name of RJS4004.COM pointing to IP address
  4. From the iSeries command line, see if you can ping the host name.
    If PING works, you should be able to go back and run the rjshostinfo.jsp page to now determine your Host Name and IP address. 

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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016