When using a 32-bit DLL such as the DQ Access/400 DLL, there are some special things which must be considered. Listed below are the known restrictions for using the 32-bit DQ Access/400 DLL: 
In the 16-bit Windows environment, an active AS/400 conversation ID could be reused, however in the 32-bit environment each Windows program starts its own process with a separate memory space. Because of this, AS/400 conversation ID's cannot be reused across multiple programs. 
The only way to share an open AS/400 conversation in a 32-bit Windows program would be to write an OLE Server program which handles the actual AS/400 communications. An OLE Server program can be called from any Windows process and can be left active after processing has completed. 
See the documentation for your specific programming environment to determine how to write OLE server programs. 
Other than the above restrictions, the DQ Access/400 32-bit DLL should work the same way as the 16-bit version. 
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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016