Setting Up GreenMail/400

  1. Install license keys for GreenMail/400 and POP/400.
  3. Choose 2. Set Default Mail Domain and set your email domain.

    For example:

  4. Choose 10. Enter Email Users and add all the users you need. Be sure to include both their password and SMTP and POP3 server information.
  5. Choose 11. Work with Email Messages - GSMAIL and set up user email options.
  6. Choose 12. Edit Address Book - GS104 and set up the global address book. Use a group to send emails to multiple recipients.

Using GreenMail/400

  • You start out viewing all folders. There are 5 folders: INBOX, OUTBOX, DRAFTS, QUEUED, SENT. Press F11 to rotate through these folders and the view-all page.
  • Press F8 at any time to check your email.
  • Press F6 to create a new email. Then:
    • Press F7 to put the email in a queue to be sent later.

      Note: You can change a queued email to a draft.

    • Press F10 to send the email now.
    • Press F12 to save a draft of the email. If you haven't entered anything, pressing F12 just exits the new email screen.

      Note: You cannot send a draft. You must change it to a queued email instead.

  • Options in option 11 that do not apply are ignored. For example: If you type 2 to try to change a SENT message, nothing will happen.

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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016