When checking in a document scanned with Imaging Scan Workstation on a Windows XP PC, you get:
Error 53 - File Not Found
If you log in as the administrator, no error occurs. 


  1. Make sure that Imaging Scan Workstation is not running. 
  2. Give all users read and write access to the directory C:\Program Files\RJSIMGSCAN.
  3. Edit the file C:\Program Files\RJSIMGSCAN\RJSIMGSCAN.INI and, under the [Settings] section, add the following entries:

    tempimagefile=C:\Program Files\RJSIMGSCAN\RJSTEMPIMAGE.TIF
    tempocroutputfile=C:\Program Files\RJSIMGSCAN\RJSTEMPOCR.TXT

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Last Modified On: July 03, 2020