WebDocs iSeries requires a NAS Server that can support the Unix Network File System (NFS) file sharing protocol to store documents. Since there are different versions of NFS on each operating system, we have put together a list of certified NAS server appliances.

Windows Based Servers

All Windows 2000 Servers or Windows 2000 SAK NAS servers running Windows Services for Unix Version 2.0 or above.

Unix Based NAS Servers

SnapServer (Snap Server) 4100 or 4400 running the Snap OS Version 3.4.790 (http://www.snapserver.com)
This version of the Snap OS makes the Snap Server NFS sharing compatible with the AS/400 and iSeries systems.
To check your current Snap OS version, log into the Snap Server web interface and display the server log from the Administration screens.
Dell Powervault 705N running the Snap OS Version 3.4.790 (http://www.dell.com)
Note: If you have a Dell Powervault 705N, which is the same as the Snap Server 4100, you can download the updates from the Dell Web Site. 
FIA POPnetserver NAS appliances (http://www.popnetserver.com)

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Last Modified On: July 03, 2020