While able to view some documents via WebDocs, others cause an Error 500 when attempting to view the document.  In some cases with PDF documents, Adobe Acrobat will open and say that the PDF file is corrupted. 
It appears that Microsoft IIS on Windows 2003 has a configured maximum buffer size that needs to be changed to allow large files to be uploaded. 
The Server is Windows 2003 and is running IIS 6.0 as the web server. 


Microsoft Internet Information Server - IIS 6.0 is configured with a 4 megabyte buffer limit for ASP response pages.  Probably to keep hackers from causing trouble. 
Customers can reset the maximum response buffer to match the largest file they may serve up.  The example below shows how to set the maximum response buffer size in IIS 6.0 to 500 megabytes:
Steps to resolve issue:
  1. Go into '''Internet Information Services''' manager from Control Panel.
  2. Right click on the '''computer name''' and select '''All Tasks/Restart IIS'''. Then select '''Stop Internet Services''' and click OK.
  3. Next we're going to edit the metabase.xml file which contains IIS 6.0 configuration settings. The file path should be: c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\metabase.xml
  4. Once metabase.xml has been opened for editing, search for the AspBufferingLimit tag and change to AspBufferingLimit="500000000
  5. Save the metabase.xml file and exit your Editor. (Note: If the file will not save, your Internet Services are still running. You will need to stop internet services.)
  6. Go into Internet Information Services manager from Control Panel.
  7. Right click on the computer name and select All Tasks/Restart IIS. Then select Start Internet Services or Restart Internet Services and click OK.
This should solve the problem. 

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Last Modified On: December 10, 2016