You can use this method to troubleshoot WinSpool/400 downloads that are locking up.
To download a spool file using the WinSpool/400 commands from the DOS FTP command prompt:

  1. Manually log in to the iSeries FTP server.
  2. Gather the spool file name, job number, user ID, job name, and spool number.
  3. Use the following command syntax:

    quote rcmd winspool/wspl020 file(SPOOLFILE) job(JOBNBR/USER/JOB) splnbr(SPLNBR)

    For example:

    quote rcmd winspool/wspl020 FILE(qpjoblog) job(000566/richard/qpadev0001) splnbr(1)

    recv qtemp/winoutq c:\test.txt

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Last Modified On: July 03, 2020