In order to use a shorter file extension counter with the Batch Report Server, the user needs to do the following:

  1. Download the Batch Report Server V2.0.48 or above from the RJS web site and install the update to their PC.
  2. In the Batch Report Server "File/Settings" screen, the "Counter Format" field can be altered to allow a shorter extension. Zeros must always be entered in this field.
    Example:   000 means that the extension counter will always be 3 digits long.
  3. In the Batch Report Server "File/Settings" screen, the "Max Counter Value" field must be in sync with the "Counter Format", so the counters will reset correctly when the max value is reached.
    Example: If "Counter Format" is 000, the "Max Counter Value" should be 998.

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Last Modified On: July 03, 2020