Instructions are included in the GUI under File \ Install PN/400 (on host). Follow the instructions laid out in the window that opens up. Note: When using the GUI, all commands are automatically placed in your clipboard so you don't have to type them into your green screen.

The tabs are as follows:

  1. Locate

    PN/400 is a SAVF named PN400.SAV. To determine if the file exists on your PC, click Automatic Search or Browse.

    Note: You may acquire the latest version by clicking the Acquire via FTP button. After locating/acquiring PN400.SAV, move on to tab 2.

    (If the Acquire via FTP button does not work, the window directs you to contact us for support. You can also download PN400.sav from the HelpSystems customer portal. If you get PN400.sav with an alternate method, save it on your PC, and use the Browse button to tell Performance Navigator where the file is.)

  2. Create SAVF

    CRTSAVF QGPL/MPGLIBDST Text('Delete this at any time')

  3. FTP

    If using the GUI, fill in the fields to connect to your system.

    Note: FTP must be running on the System i. If necessary, use the command STRTCPSVR *FTP to start FTP.

    Some customers are unable to do this step because of how their IBM i is configured. Any method of getting pn400.sav into the save file MPGLIBDST you created in QGPL in step 2 is fine.

    Once the save file has been put on the IBM i, continue to step 4.



  5. Install


Next Steps

Each night the data reduction job will run. This job reads the performance data that was collected that day and creates a set of "reduced" performance data. This data is accessed to create graphs and reports. If you haven't done so yet, take one of the Tours. Click Help \ Tours >\... in the main window.

Still have questions? We can help. Submit a case to Technical Support.

Last Modified On: November 05, 2020