Use the following procedure to work with Collection Services data from a different IBM i / AS400 system or perhaps from a backup.

  1. Make a backup of MPGLIB.
  2. Make sure the backup of QMPGDATA / QPFRDATA has the data for the dates you are missing from PerfNav.
  3. From System A, save the respective Collection Services library (usually QMPGDATA or QPFRDATA).
  4. Restore the data to System B--to a library name other than where the live CS data is being collected, such as OLDQMPGDATA.
  5. AFTER you restore, submit the following job on the respective host system (assuming you have restored the CS data to a library called OLDQMPGDATA).


  6. Once the above job is finished, bring up PerfNav on your PC.
  7. Go to View \ System Information \ Performance Data tab \ Historical Reduced Data tab.
  8. Click the RGZPFM button.

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Last Modified On: November 05, 2020