The standard phone demo for Robot Autotune covers the topics listed below.

  • Setting up system performance factors.
  • Advanced performance tuning techniques for interactive and servers jobs; dynamic pool processing for batch jobs.
  • Setting control values for day and night environments.
  • The Service menu features and options.
  • Using the Robot Autotune commands.
  • Working with reports, inquiries, and statistics.
  • Using the optional Robot Monitor PC graphing feature.

To set up a phone demo, call Technical Support at +1 952-933-0609, or fill out the information below and fax it to +1 952-238-8414.




Desired Phone Demo Date:______________________


I am interested in more information of the following topics. Note: These topics can be covered during the phone demo or at a later time.

Automatic setup of performance factors

__ Standard pool performance factors

__ Work type

__ Minimum and maximum pool sizes

__ Shift amount

__ Pool size PF factor

__ Minimum activity level

__ Activity level PF factor

__ Advanced performance tuning

__ Adding and executing a dynamic pool

__ Job queue management

__ Interactive and server job tuning (definition and demonstration)

__ Control values

__ Day and night environment maintenance

__ Start time for day and night environments

__ Operations

__ Starting and stopping Robot Autotune

__ Placing the ATLIB/STRAT command in IPL startup program

__ Robot Autotune commands

__ CHGATPF (Change Robot Autotune Performance Factors)

__ CHGATCV (Change Robot Autotune Control Values)

__ CHGATSCH (Change Robot Autotune Schedule)

__ Reports, inquiries, and statistics

__ Status values report and inquiry

__ Summary report

__ Memory Demand report

__ Copying statistics to physical files

__ Displaying statistics on PC graphs


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Last Modified On: November 15, 2019