HelpSystems has designed a step-by-step telephone demonstration to help you implement Robot Console. To ensure you get the most out of the demonstration, we will use the following outline:

  1. Getting Started.

    Ensure the product has been completely installed.

  2. Introduction to the Product.

    Determine your environment and the role of Robot Console:
    • The concept of a Robot Console message center versus an IBM i message queue and how IBM i message queues are monitored.

    • Robot Console log monitoring features—FTP, QHST, and Security Audit Journal monitoring.

    • Robot Console resource monitoring feature—demonstrate how to set up a resource and how this feature can interface with message set functionality.

    • Robot Console escalation features and its relationship with Robot Alert and Robot Network.

    • The importance, power, and flexibility of the Robot Console message set.

    • The use of message tables and message groups to enhance the flexibility of Robot Console message sets.

  3. Application Tools, System Setup, and Maintenance Duties.

    Use the reporting features to help customize Robot Console to your environment.

    Additional system setup features:
    • Robot Console system defaults

    • Robot Console security

    Maintenance of the product:
    • What to do after an IBM i upgrade.

    • When and how to purge Robot Console message history.

    • Updating the product when new modification levels are available.

  4. Summary.

  5. Discuss any other questions you have about the product and its capabilities.

  6. If necessary, review areas of the Robot Console product.

Preparing for the Phone Demo

Before the phone demo, do the following:

  • Review the Robot Console User Guide, if possible.

  • Determine the goals you hope to achieve by using Robot Console. For example, lights-out operation, a multi-system environment, to use the product with other Robot products, and so on.

  • Determine who will use the product. Make sure the users are available for the phone demo.

  • Bring the manuals to the phone demo for reference purposes.


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Last Modified On: July 19, 2019