Second Level Message Text


  • Robot Console 6 or higher
  • Robot Alert R05M64 or higher

Adding Second Level Text Using OPAL

Go into the message set, and select the OPAL tab.  Robot Console interfaces with Robot Alert using the PAGE operation. Prompt on the PAGE operation under operation values, and add TXT2NDLVL to the MSG field. Now both the first and second level text will be sent.

Adding Second Level Text Using a Message Center

Go into system setup, select system defaults, and select the messages tab. Check the boxes under Robot Alert escalation options to include job information and the second level text.

Customizing Message Text

To customize message text, go into the properties for a message text. Look for the "Alternate 1st Level Text" and "Alternate 2nd Level Text" tabs. Select one of those, and you will see the original text, followed by a text box. Use the text box to put in custom text, like a phone number of who to contact, into the message. 

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Last Modified On: January 30, 2020