The table below shows the current shipping versions for the Robot products, along with operating system compatibility and other useful information.

How can I tell what I am currently running?

To find the release and modification level or creation date of each product you currently have installed, enter the following command on a command line:


Robot Autotune and Easy View users

If you have no other Robot products installed, use the following commands to determine the release/modification level of your products:

Robot Autotune

ATLIB/ATM—displays in upper left corner

Easy View


Robot Monitor users

Use the following commands to determine the version/release level of your product.

To check the version number:


To check the release number:


Note: If you use a different product library than MSM, specify that library instead.

Recommended Product/Operating System Compatibility

Note: For Insite current versions and compatibility, see Current Insite Version and HelpSystems Product Compatibility.

The following table shows the currently shipping version of each product and the minimum level required to run on each supported version of the OS.

Note: If your OS is not listed or is not a supported OS level, see Archived Downloads for more information.

Product Currently Shipping Version IBM i V7R3 IBM i V7R2 IBM i V7R1
Robot Alert 5.71 5.66 5.60 5.52
Robot Autotune 8.24 8.20
(note 8)
(note 4)
(note 4)
Robot Console 7.03 6.05 5.29 5.09
Robot Corral 2.19 2.19 2.18 2.16
Robot CPA 4.42 4.41 4.37 4.34
Robot HA 12.06 12.0 12.0 12.0
Robot LPAR 2.21
(note 3)
2.21 2.19
(note 3)
(note 3)
Robot Monitor 14.1.8 14.00 14.00
(note 9)
(note 9)
Robot Network Host 12.03 11.25 11.17 10.28
Robot Network Node 12.03 11.25 11.17 10.27
Robot Replay 3.28 3.26 3.21
(note 6)
(note 6)
Robot Reports 7.70
(note 2)
7.68 7.62
(note 2)
(note 2)
Robot Save 12.29 
(notes 1, 5)
12.20 12.13
(notes 1, 5)
(notes 1, 5)
Robot Schedule 13.03 
(note 7)
12.07 11.18
(note 7)
(note 7)
Robot Schedule Enterprise 2.03 1.36 1.29 1.08
Robot Schedule EnterpriseOne Interface 1.36 1.35 1.32 1.22
Robot Schedule for SAP 13.03 12.07 11.18 10.30
Robot Space 3.44 3.36 3.31 3.13
Robot Transform 1.37 1.36 1.35 1.31
Robot Trapper 1.29 1.27 1.24 1.22
Robot UPS 3.28 3.27 3.22 3.20
Robot Browser Interface 2.21 2.19 2.18 2.08
1.97 1.97 1.97
Easy View 8.34 8.32 8.29 8.14


  1. You must have IBM Media and Storage Extensions (MSE) to run Robot Save.

  2. If you use Robot Save to archive reports, you must have Robot Save R11M06 (or higher) installed on your system.

  3. Robot LPAR Version 2 (or higher) requires HMC Version 6, Release 1.3 (or higher)

  4. When upgrading your system to V7R1, you must delete Robot AUTOTUNE version 7 and perform a new installation of version 8 on the V6R1 system. You cannot install Robot Autotune 8 until the upgrade to V7R1 is complete. The new installation of version 8 requires you to re-enter your setup values plus a new security code.

  5. As of V6R1, IBM changed the default behavior of the Power Down System (PWRDWNSYS) command. The default value (*ENVVAR) for the CONFIRM parameter on the PWRDWNSYS command now displays a confirmation window. This will cause the Robot Save Restricted State Utility (RSU) to halt and wait for a confirmation before performing the IPL. Enter the following command on a command line to permanently bypass the confirmation window on the PWRDWNSYS command:


  6. If you’re going to run Robot Replay and need to upgrade your operating system level to one of the following, you must apply the specified PTFs:

    Version PTF
    V7R1M0 MF53665
    V7R1 SI58105
    V7R2 SI58106
  7. If you’re going to update Robot Schedule and your version is R11M16 or below, you must apply the specified IBM PTFs before doing the update:

    Version PTF
    V7R1 5770SS1/SI52159
    V7R2 5770SS1/SI52164
  8. If you're going to run Robot Autotune and need to upgrade your operating system level to the following, you must apply the specified PTF:

    Version PTF
    V7R3 SI59979
  9. If you're going to run Robot Monitor and need to upgrade your operating system level to the following, you must apply the specified PTFs:

    Version PTF
    V7R2 SI52785, superseded by SI56826
    V7R1 MF48890, superseded by MF59685
    SI52471, superseded by SI56900
    MF56844, superseded by MF59539


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Last Modified On: April 16, 2019