Before You Begin

If you use Sequel ViewPoint and have any of the following automation products on your system, HelpSystems offers free dashboards that you can download:

  • Robot Alert
  • Robot Client
  • Robot Console
  • Robot Replay
  • Robot Reports
  • Robot Save
  • Robot Schedule (version 9 and higher)
  • Robot Security
  • Robot Transform

The download process creates a library called RBTSEQEX on your IBM i. It also creates a folder on your PC desktop that contains all the downloaded dashboards. You can customize the views and graphics in the dashboards; however, you should save all changes into a library other than RBTSEQEX to prevent future dashboard downloads from overwriting your changes.

Steps to Download Dashboards

Do the following to download the automation dashboards:

  1. Go to My Account on our website. If you're not already registered, you can create an account. Be sure serial numbers have been entered for Sequel ViewPoint and the Robot products.

  2. Click Download by one of the Robot products, such as Robot Schedule or Robot Console. (It doesn't matter which product you choose because the download copies all available dashboards to your system.)

  3. On the downloads page, click Download by the Robot Dashboard for Sequel Users.

  4. After the download completes, double-click the Dashboard1.exe file.

  5. When the File Download–Security Warning box displays, click Run.

    If another Security Warning box displays with the message, “The publisher could not be verified,” select Run.

  6. On the Automated Dashboard Setup window, select Install.

  7. When prompted, enter the name of the IBM i and the FTP port to install to and click Next.

  8. Enter a valid IBM i user profile and password and click Next.

  9. Confirm that all data is correct and click Start.

  10. When the Installation Complete window displays, click Finish.

  11. If you previously have downloaded the Robot dashboards, a Confirmation window displays asking if you want to replace the folder on your desktop that contains the dashboards. Click OK.

  12. The download creates a new folder on your PC desktop containing all the Robot dashboards. The folder name is sysname–Automation Dashboard (where sysname is the name of the IBM i you downloaded to). As long as you have Sequel ViewPoint installed on your computer, you can double-click any of the files in that folder to display that dashboard.

If you use Robot Security

If you use Robot Security on more than one system (or partition), the Robot dashboards allow you to create a QAUDJRN consolidation report that collects data from multiple systems.







  • If you choose not to use the consolidation report, or Robot Security is installed on only one system, you must modify the AUDJRNL Sequel script as follows:
  • If Robot Security is installed on more than one system and you want to use the QAUDJRN consolidation report, do the following:
    • Create a remote database connection to your other IBM i or partition.
    • Edit the AUDJRNRMT view to point to the remote database connection. Select File > Properties and change the database name.
    • Change the sysname field in the AUDJRNRMT 1 view to the name of the remote system.


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Last Modified On: April 16, 2019