Use these instructions to help you download Robot product software from our website

Before You Begin

  • Review the Recommended Product/Operating System Compatibility chart. If your operating system level is not shown on the chart, you cannot download software from the website. Contact your Regional Sales Manager for more information.

  • You can download product trials, updates, and some conversions from the website. If a product download is not available, contact your Regional Sales Manager.

Step 1: Register with HelpSystems

New users: If you don’t already have an account set up on the HelpSystems website, you must create one. Click the Sign Up link. Then, enter a Username and your Email address and click Create new account. You'll receive an email confirmation with further instructions.

Returning users: If you've previously registered with the website, but aren't currently logged in, click Login. Enter your Username and Password on the User account page and click the Log in button to display the User Account page.

Notes for both new and returning users:

  • The email address and password fields are case-sensitive.

  • You remain logged in to your account for several days even if you close your browser window.

Step 2: Select Your Download

Software Trials

New customers can download a free, fully functional version of a product and an electronic version of the user documentation.

  • Go to the webpage for that product and click the Get Started tab. Fill out the form and click Submit to schedule a product demo. After the demo, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to get your free trial started. Contact your Regional Sales Manager for assistance with the installation.

  • You can use the trial version for 30 days.

Software Installs, Updates, and Conversions

Current customers can easily download the product version they want along with the user documentation:

  • Go to User Account and click Download by the product version you want.

  • The page that opens allows you to download everything you need, including the software, user documentation, and instructions.

    Note: It's important that you review the instructions carefully before starting the installation, update, or conversion.


  • You must have a current maintenance agreement to download an update, conversion, or user guide.

  • You must have entered your system serial number on your User Account page in order to download the software.

Step 3: Download Your Software Files

Do the following to download your software files:

  • From User Account, click the link for the Robot product you need to open a page that has links to all the pertinent instructions (install, conversion, or upgrade) for that product.

  • Most Robot products have a simplified installer (the setup .exe file) that will transfer objects to the IBM i, install the GUI (if the product has one), and download the manuals to the PC.

    For the Robot products that have a graphical user interface, you can download a separate installation .exe for the GUI. This file only contains the GUI and is smaller than the bundled installer.

  • Some Robot products have extra files available for download on their product download page. This includes any prerequisites, pre-checkers, and user guides. Click each link to download the required files.

  • If you're downloading a Robot product update, verify that the product release matches the version you're currently running on your IBM i.


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Last Modified On: November 14, 2019