The following videos cover the different methods for collecting and monitoring performance data that make Robot Monitor and Performance Navigator the most comprehensive software available for IBM Power environments, including IBM i, AIX, and Linux on Power.

Video 1 Collecting and Monitoring

  • Built-in and customized monitoring (Robot Monitor)
  • Role of Collection Services (Performance Navigator)
  • VIOS, AIX, and Linux on Power monitoring and analysis
  • Benefits of using Robot Monitor and Performance Navigator together

Video 2 Operations and Reporting

  • Creating custom dashboards
  • Root cause analysis and forensics
  • Threshold notifications (Robot Monitor)
  • Reporting
  • PM400 replacement (Performance Navigator)

Video 3 Advanced Tips

  • Custom SQL-based monitoring (Robot Monitor)
  • Advanced forensics
  • Virtualization and PowerVM
  • Problem determination and capacity planning (Performance Navigator)


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Last Modified On: August 09, 2021