Before You Begin

  1. Sign on under a user profile that is a member of the user class *SECOFR and has at least the following special authorities: *ALLOBJ, *SECADM, *JOBCTL, and *IOSYSCFG. The user profile should have Limit capabilities set to *NO.

  2. Enter the following command:

    LODRUN DEV(xxxxx)

    where xxxxx is the device name.

This displays the Maintain HelpSystems Products menu. Follow the instructions below to retrieve the save files for the product or products you select.

On the Local System

  1. Select option 3 from the Maintain HelpSystems Products menu. The Retrieve Save Files panel displays with a list of HelpSystems products.

  2. Enter a 2 next to all the products for which you want to retrieve the save files. Press Enter to display the Restore Save File Options panel.

  3. On the Restore Save File Options panel:

    • Enter the name of the library where the selected save files will be restored.

    • Enter the version of the target operating system.

  4. Save the library you specified in step 3 to a save file using the following commands:

    CRTSAVF FILE(savflib/savf)

    SAVLIB LIB(lib) DEV(*SAVF) SAVF(savflib/savf)

    where savflib is a library of your choice, savf is a new save file name of your choice, and lib is the library from step 3.

  5. Send the save file to your target systems:

    SNDNETF FILE(savflib/savf) TOUSRID((user targetsys))

    where user is a valid user ID with a directory entry on the target system and targetsys is the name of the target system.

On the Target System

  1. On each target system, receive the save file using the following commands:

    CRTSAVF FILE(savflib/savf)

    Note: The savflib value does not have to be the same as in step 4.



    where savflib is the library from the CRTSAVF command above.

  2. Use the following command to verify the library from step 3 does not exist on the system:


    If the library does exist, use the following command to delete it:


  3. Restore the library from the save file:

    RSTLIB SAVLIB(lib) DEV(*SAVF) SAVF(savflib/savf)

  4. Restore RBTCDRLIB from the save file:


  5. Enter the following command and press function key F4 to display the command prompt:


    Enter the library from step 3 of the Local System instructions in the Savf Library Name field and press Enter.

  6. When the Maintain HelpSystems Products menu displays, select the option you wish to perform and follow the Installation or Update instructions for the product. If you received printed instructions for doing a product conversion, you can continue with those instructions at this point.

  7. When the install, update, or conversion is complete, delete the save files created in steps 4 and 6 using the following command:

    DLTF FILE(library/file)

    Then, delete RBTCDRLIB:



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Last Modified On: November 14, 2019