Downloading the Bundle Install

Log in to HelpSystems Community Portal  and select Downloads -- My Downloads.  Select the product you wish to download.

Once on the product download page, select the file you wish to install.

Running the Installer

The file will download an .exe file to your local PC.  Double click on the .exe to run the installation.

Selecting the Components

The first step of the bundle installer is to select the component you want to use.  There will be 2 -3 options here, depending on the product.

  1. Software for the IBM i
    • Select this component if you want to send a product file to the IBM i to update, install, or convert a product.  This process just sends over the file, and the installation/conversion/update can be done at a later time.  Please see the link below for further instructions.
    • Note for Robot Network users - There will also be an option to install the Robot Network node
    • Note for Robot Schedule Enterprise users - There will also be an option to install the Windows agent.
  2. Windows client graphical user interface
    • This component only appears with product that utilize a GUI.  Select this component to install or update the GUI on the local pc the installer is run on.
  3. Manuals
    • Select this component to download the product manauls to the local pc

Select Install once the components have been selected to begin the process.

The Software for the IBM i component will launch the Product Maintenance Wizard. 

The GUI and manuals will happen automatically behind the scenes. 

A summary results will appear at the end of the installer process.  Select Finish to close the wizard.

Accessing Manuals after Using the Installer

The manuals will be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Help Systems.  From there open the folder labled as the product the manuals were downloaded for, and then open up the manuals folder. 

For example, the Robot Schedule manuals will be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Help Systems\Robot Schedule 12\manuals

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Last Modified On: February 23, 2021